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US-2004042369-A1: Recording/reproducing apparatus having a substituting part substituting for burst errors and a method of substituting for burst errors patent, US-2004131494-A1: Microalloyed steel easy to separate by fracture splitting at low temperature and fitting member produced through separation by fracture splitting at low temperature patent, US-2004140815-A1: Method of determining salinity of an area of soil patent, US-2004180191-A1: Printing and copying paper patent, US-2004184642-A1: Fingerprint verification method and fingerprint verification device patent, US-2004200720-A1: Electrochemical-sensor design patent, US-2004229838-A1: Purine derivatives patent, US-2004255694-A1: Device for measuring loads applied to rotating components patent, US-2005181548-A1: Method of manufacturing a display panel patent, US-2005192894-A1: Checkpoint processing engine patent, US-2005222086-A1: Alprazolam inclusion complexes and pharmaceutical composition thereof patent, US-2006070700-A1: System for automated label activation and application patent, US-2006128976-A1: Process for producing trifluoromethyl-substituted 2-alkoxyacetophenone derivatives patent, US-2006151688-A1: System and method for metabonomics directed processing of LC-MS or LC-MS/MS data patent, US-2006157729-A1: Semiconductor device patent, US-2006219292-A1: Photovoltaic device and manufacturing method of photovoltaic device patent, US-2006272035-A1: Screening method with the use of TBK1 knockout mouse patent, US-2006279443-A1: Trading Off Visibility for Volume of Data When Profiling Memory Events patent, US-2006282628-A1: Storage system and priority control method patent, US-2007025818-A1: Icebreaker and waterway with icebreaker patent, US-2007075170-A1: Document shredder with a continuously wound vinyl bag patent, US-2007075196-A1: Apparatus holder suction base with cylinder-piston structure patent, US-2007110834-A1: Composition comprising the alcohol compound isolated from the extract of cucurbitaceae family plant having anti-adipogenic and anti-obesity activity patent, US-2007141644-A1: Novel Receptors patent, US-2007190426-A1: Separator for lead-acid battery patent, US-2007270409-A1: Medicament for Preventing and/or Treating Ischemic Cardiovascular Disease patent, US-2007281038-A1: Method of using a protein concentrate patent, US-2007284721-A1: Semiconductor device and method for producing the semiconductor device patent, US-2008068118-A1: Method for adjusting mutual inductance and a transformer that implements the same patent, US-2008157935-A1: Rfid tag device, tag identification device and radio communication system patent, US-2008198147-A1: Portable electronic device patent, US-2008268424-A1: Glut-1 as a Receptor for Htlv Envelopes and its Uses patent, US-2008280837-A1: Biologically Active Compounds with Anti-Angiogenic Properties patent, US-2009016117-A1: High-speed verifiable semiconductor memory device patent, US-2009121239-A1: Display device patent, US-2009133782-A1: Solution for processing of metal replacement with metal aluminum or aluminum alloy and method for surface processing using such solution patent, US-2009237377-A1: Electronic device, handheld device and stylus patent, US-2009244133-A1: Signal processing apparatus, droplet ejection apparatus and signal processing method patent, US-2009297749-A1: Laminated Resin Tube patent, US-2009298830-A1: 4-Aryl-2-Amino-Pyrimidnes or 4-Aryl-2-Aminoalkyl-Pyrimidines as Jak-2 Modulators and Methods of Use patent, US-2010099747-A1: Reduction of polyalanine-induced protein aggregates and toxicity by ubiquilin patent, US-2003213244-A1: Airflow system for engine with series turbochargers patent, US-2004033002-A1: Polarization maintaining optical fiber coupler and method of manufacturing same patent, US-2004095946-A1: Logical star topologies for non-star networks patent, US-2005014927-A1: Sulfonated polyphosphazene derivative and method for producing the same patent, US-2005049306-A1: Non-halogenated naphthol compounds, antimicrobial compositions containing the same, and methods of using the same patent, US-2005124555-A1: Azulene derivatives and salts thereof patent, US-2005142361-A1: Amorphous carbon, amorphous-carbon coated member, and process for forming amorphous carbon film patent, US-2005170627-A1: Interconnect apparatus, system, and method patent, US-2005205540-A1: Laser beam processing machine patent, US-2005244313-A1: Configurations and methods for water purification patent, US-2005286780-A1: Image processing apparatus patent, US-2006016125-A1: Light treatment for reduction of tobacco specific nitrosamines patent, US-2006080112-A1: Method and apparatus for ownership transfer of transactions in peer-to-peer systems patent, US-2006110089-A1: Optical modulator patent, US-2006118665-A1: Device for the in-situ disposal of sanitary waste, in particular of incontinence articles and method for this patent, US-2006127576-A1: Method and process reactor for sequential gas phase deposition by means of a process and an auxiliatry chamber patent, US-2006128612-A1: Cross-linked glycopeptide-cephalosporin antibiotics patent, US-2006154101-A1: Deformed wire for reinforcing marine optical fiber cable patent, US-2006190023-A1: Methods and devices for changing the shape of a medical device patent, US-2006194949-A1: Structure of the farnesoid x receptor ligand binding domain and methods of use therefor patent, US-2006227213-A1: Car image recording system with auto shut-off function patent, US-2006286716-A1: Flip-chip mounting electronic component and method for producing the same, circuit board and method for producing the same, method for producing package patent, US-2007024177-A1: Electron emission source, method of preparing the same, and electron emission device employing the electron emission source patent, US-2007028437-A1: Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method patent, US-2007103374-A1: Modular antenna assembly for automotive vehicles patent, US-2007148970-A1: Method of fabricating circuitry without conductive circle patent, US-2007162167-A1: Digital recorder patent, US-2007236758-A1: Image processing apparatus and image processing method patent, US-2007281293-A9: Use of intramolecularly, covalently cross-linked proteins as binding partners in immunoassays patent, US-2008011273-A1: Adaptation Method for Optimized Combustion of a Fuel Quantity Injected into a Cylinder of an Internal Combustion Engine patent, US-2008044413-A1: EphA2 BiTE molecules and uses thereof patent, US-2008083428-A1: Gantry method of washing vehicles patent, US-2008094781-A1: Electrode Sheet for Capacitors, Method of Manufacturing the Same, and Electrolytic Capacitor patent, US-2008166091-A1: Polymer Composition, Plastic Optical Fiber, Plastic Optical Fiber Cable, and Method for Manufacturing Plastic Optical Fiber patent, US-2008166408-A1: Oral Dosage Form Comprising Rosiglitazone patent, US-2008266174-A1: Location method and system and locatable portable device patent, US-2008291559-A1: Variable shape mirror and manufacturing method for variable shape mirror patent, US-2009022918-A1: Method for Manufacturing Pressure-Resistant Container Liner and Liquid Crystal Resin Liner patent, US-2009060255-A1: Multi-layered membranes consisting of a plurality of materials, for the loudspeaker of a high fidelity loudspeaker cabinet patent, US-2009128214-A1: Data receiver of semiconductor integrated circuit patent, US-2009152784-A1: Swing clamp patent, US-2009166056-A1: Contact member, connecting method of the contact member, and socket patent, US-2009220592-A1: Preparation for the treatment of tinnitus patent, US-2009253872-A1: Acetylene-Based Polymer patent, US-2009262146-A1: Source driver patent, US-2009268378-A1: Solid electrolytic capacitor and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2010011352-A1: Matching Plugins to Users patent, US-2010014077-A1: Method for using a photonic crystal fiber as a raman biosensor patent, US-2010045945-A1: Lens-Adjusting Module patent, US-2010046657-A1: Method and Arrangement for Symbol Mapping in Communication Systems Utilizing OFDM-Techniques patent, US-2010061095-A1: Lighting device patent, US-2010103401-A1: Method and device for forming poly-silicon film patent, US-2003207866-A1: Bis-arylsulfones patent, US-2003235760-A1: Lead-acid storage battery, carbon material and process of manufacturing the carbon material patent, US-2004021612-A1: Transmission/reception sources of electromagnetic waves for multireflector antenna patent, US-2004052242-A1: POTS/broadband voice cross-connect system patent, US-2004056715-A1: Common-mode and differential-mode compensation for operational amplifier circuits patent, US-2004113359-A1: Sheet diverting assembly patent, US-2004162219-A1: Thermal transfer recording medium, method of recording same, recorded medium and recorded label patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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